Our commitment is the satisfaction of our clients, our extensive variety of products are carefully hand made with unequaled quality.
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The Story Of Our Success

How it all began… La hacienda products is a manufacturing company that produces fine dulces de leche, glazed pecans/almonds, brittles, polvorones/wedding cookies, tamales and chorizo.

It is incredible how the combination of the ingredients and the transition of the preparation make a complete difference in our products. In fact, on the specific instance we should say that “the order in which the addends are used does alter the outcome.”

La Hacienda Products started as a dream which came to mind to Jeff Guajardo( Founder/President of what is now La Hacienda Products) while attending The University of Texas at San Antonio at the age of 20 in the year 2005. The Project actually started when he turned 23 several months after he graduated from College.

Jeff Guajardo’s Father and Mother which today they reside in Mexico supported their son’s project 100% in fact all the products produced at the Company today are recipes from his Mother which she tought him many years ago. Although It took around a year to bring the homemade recipes into large